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Great art is defined by the impact it has.  Itís the result of being able to enlighten the masses with something that matters to you while preserving the integrity of the genre that inspired you to write in the first place.  You can make music however you want and for whatever reasons you have, but taking the initiative to share it publicly comes with the weight of being a performer - one who has an avid interest in using showmanship to invite the whole crowd to be a part of your culture.

Thereís an inherent risk of putting your name on something and saying itís important to you.  It makes you vulnerable to even the most trivial criticism, both for your presentation of the material and for the sincerity with which you believe it.  It creates a situation where truth is the only escape, as youíre left with no choice but to either force yourself to do better or accept that the best you can do still isnít good enough.  There are so many artists out there who have the potential to make a difference but have also been misled into believing their reach will be limited unless they compromise their values.

Well, if your priority is to always be right, you can be cynical and always have a convenient narrative to justify staying in your comfort zone.  The fact is though that while a pessimist can never look naÔve, that shield comes at the cost of also never being taken seriously.  If you believe in what youíre doing, you owe it to yourself to lead by example and demonstrate how an underdog can stand its ground against a pack of wolves.

What has challenged me over the years to continue building my reputation is the belief that my biggest competition will always be anyone I consider overrated.  They are the musicians who will shape the future unless I grab the wheel and do everything I can to draw attention elsewhere.  In my experience, satisfaction exists only when itís being chased, and therein lies the ambition to take the bad with the good and decide that being an entertainer is worth the disappointment that lurks behind every opportunity.

When someone doesnít see my vision for what hip hop is about, the burden lies solely on me to find a better way to win them over.  The thrill of giving my music a purpose canít be felt unless Iím actively trying to make the path between
the way it is and the way it could be seem a little less blurry.
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Demo Lease Rights are ideal for home recordings and projects with limited intent to distribute commercially.  This license is most commonly used by musicians working on the first public release of their material.
The Standard Lease is the most popular option.  With the extended limit for commercial use, the license is often more than adequate for releasing projects of a higher demand.
Reserved for the dedicated emcee with a potential career ahead of them, Premium Lease Rights include the tracked out files in order to allow your song to be mixed distinctively to your sound and writing style.
When the only option is to go big or go home, Exclusive Rights are reserved for the select few artists who are committed to changing the world. 

Custom mixes are available only with Exclusive Rights.  For details, contact prior to making a purchase.